MICCAI 2013 Young Scientist Award

The Young Scientist Awards are prizes awarded to first authors of high quality MICCAI papers. The nominees had to be full-time student at a recognized university or have been a student at most two years before the paper submission deadline. The Young Scientist Awards were coordinated by Sebastien Ourselin, University College London. An award committee composed of 6 members.

- 29 papers with first author a graduate student or early career scientist, including every eligible oral presentation and every other papers with the highest weighted average reviewing score.
- Award Committee voted on selecting the top papers by majority voting.
- Top 16 papers had at least 3 votes.
- Award Committee voted on ranking the Top 16 papers during the conference including the presentation (oral or poster).
- Committee selected 5 Honorable Mentions and 5 MICCAI Young Scientists Awards.

The 5 awardees are :

5 authors received an honorable mention: