Workshops, Tutorials and Challenges Location and Lunch Information

Registration Desk

Workshops, tutorials and challenges registration desk is located at the foyer level of Toyoda Auditorium.


Lunch boxes will be distributed at lunch distribution points near workshop rooms. One distribution point is allocated for each building.Workshop registrants having lunch tickets can pick up lunch boxes.Tickets are included in the registration kit for those who registered to workshop(s), tutorial(s) or challenge(s).


Coffee is also distributed at lunch distribution point. Coffee will be served at 10am and 3pm.

Room Assignments

Please refer to the maps shown below. Workshops, tutorials and challenges are accommodated in three buildings: IB Building, ES Building and Noyori Conference Hall. Please be mind that it will take five minutes from Toyoda Auditorium to these buildings by foot. Keep on-time!

Room Equipments

Following equipments are prepared in each workshop room.
- LCD projector
- VGA cable
- Screen
- Microphone and speakers
- Nameboard showing workshop name
There is no computer for presentation in a workshop room.
Workshop organizer or each presenter should bring own PC having VGA
connection. Display-port adapter for Mac is also not prepared.

Speaker-ready Room

There is no speaker-ready room for workshops, tutorials and challenges. Please have enough time to check your laptop connection and follow your workshop organizer's guideline.

Workshop Map (PDF)