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Central Japan International Airport (Centrair) is connected to major cities around the world by direct flights, and Nagoya Station is the nucleus of a railway network comprising JR, private railway, and subway lines. Tokyo is around 1 hour and 40 minutes and Osaka, Kyoto are within 1 hour by Shinkansen Nozomi.

Chubu Centrair International Airport (Chubu Kokusai Kuko), Japan's third major international gateway, is located on an artificial island 30 minutes south from the center of town. Facilities include two hotels, restaurants, a shopping concourse, and an onsen spa with views of the runways.
The best way of connecting between Centrair Airport and central Nagoya is the Meitetsu Airport Line. The fastest myu-sky express trains take 28 minutes cost 850JPY plus a mandatory 350JPY myu-ticket seat reservation in a First Class. Slower trains are the same price, but do not require a reservation.

Furthermore Tokyo-Narita, Tokyo-Haneda and Osaka-Kansai airports are alternative airport to access to Nagoya.

Access to Nagoya

The following table summarizes your route from your arriving airport to your hotel area.

Access to Nagoya

Access From Your Country to Nagoya

Direct to Nagoya 

From Europe to Nagoya, 2 airports are available; Helsinki and Frankfurt

From North America, the direct flight to Nagoya is only from Detroit.

From Asia, there are many direct flights from main city to Nagoya. e.g. Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok and etc.

Please access from the airport nearest to you to above airports and transfer to one of direct flights to Nagoya.

Narita or Haneda to Nagoya

Another way is flying to Narita or Haneda airport in Japan and then railways to Nagoya;

By Railway
From Narita to Nagoya;

Narita Airport (or Airport Terminal 2)
↓ JR Narita Express (NEX)
↓ Shinkansen (The Bullet Train)

From Haneda to Nagoya;
Haneda Airport
↓ Tokyo Monorail
↓ JR Yamanote Line
↓ Tokaido Shinkansen (The Bullet Train)

Haneda Airport
↓ Keikyu Line
↓ Tokaido Shinkansen (The Bullet Train)

By Connecting Flight

Some airlines have code sharing with Japan Airlines (One World Alliance) or All Nippon Airways (Star Alliance).

From Narita;
There are 5 connecting flights a day to Nagoya.

From Haneda;
There is 1 connecting flight (JAL) a day to Nagoya.

Please refer following website for further information of the connecting flights to Nagoya.
Narita Airport
Haneda Airport

Train Timetable Search

Following site is useful:
Hyperdia (
If you search a timetable from Narita to Nagota, please input Shinagawa as "via" station (Click "SearchDetails" and input Shinagawa in Pass1).