Poster Dimensions

The poster size for MICCAI 2013 is standard A0 Portrait (841mm in width and 1189mm in height). The conference will supply materials for mounting the posters. This size specification must be strictly adhered to in preparation of your posters.

Please be sure to create posters in portrait (Vertical format) format, not in landscape format.

Media and Graphics

Poster templates as well as the MICCAI 2013 and the MICCAI society logos are available in the "Media and Graphics" section of the MICCAI2013 website for your convenience.


Posters will stay up throughout the entire conference. The conference will supply materials for mounting the posters. They can be mounted Monday morning before the conference starts (from 8:00am, September 23rd). They have to be withdrawn Wednesday end of afternoon (from 17:00, September 25th). Non-withdrawn posters will be thrown away.

Poster Teaser (not applicable to oral papers)

Authors of a MICCAI 2013 poster paper have the possibility to produce a single slide PowerPoint presentation of their work to be used as a poster teaser. (Adobe PDF is not accepted for the poster teaser.) This presentation is a great opportunity to attract more attention to your poster. This year, voice narration can be added to your PowerPoint teaser.

The single slide presentation should be based on the poster teaser template (Click here to download the template). The authors need to record slide show timings and narration so that the presentation runs automatically with your narration. The duration of the show must be less than 40 seconds. It will be played with PowerPoint 2010 on Windows, and codecs must be chosen accordingly. Click here to download an example teaser PPT with transition, animations, and narrations for 40 seconds (use Slide Show mode to see how automatic transition works).

You will be able to upload new version of your teaser file in ZIP, or PPTX format from the MICCAI submission site until August 27th, 2013. By uploading their teaser, authors agree that it will remain available on the web site of the conference after its end.

All poster teasers will be automatically presented on large screens in the poster session hall during the assigned poster session without actual presentation by the authors.


Please see here.

Poster Space Layout