Special Session (Panel Discussion):"How do our experts see the future of medical imaging and computer assisted interventions?"

Date & Time:

16:30-17:30 Wednesday 25. September 2013


Nassir Navab


Nicholas Ayache
Michael Brady (tentative)
James Duncan
David Hawkes
Ron Kikinis
Kensaku Mori
Russ Taylor
Guang-Zhong Yang

MICCAI 2013 will have a special session in which our senior experts in MIC and CAI get together and try to predict the future of our field and discuss it with the audience. Such perspectives are rarely presented to our audience and many attendees wish to see the experts view on the future of our field. This special session is planned to take place on the last day of MICCAI before the closing session. MICCAI experts will provide their prediction of the medical imaging and / or computer assisted interventions .This allows us to think about the future but make it also accessible such that we could discuss the paths to get there at the end of the session. We hope we could have an exciting session in particular for the youngsters who are looking forward to such insights. After presentations, we will have discussion with the audience about this future but also about ways MICCAI can contribute to these and adapt itself to remain a crucial scientific event forming the future of our field.